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Tabex® is a product against smoking that contains cytisine. Tabex® has a comprehensive effect on pathogenetic mechanisms of nicotine dependence.

Cytisine is the active ingredient of the product – an extract contained in the plant leguminous tree (Cytisus laburnum L.). Cytisine is an antagonist of the nicotine receptors. Cytisine has wider therapeutic range than nicotine which makes its profile of action much safer. Cytisine also reduces depressive symptoms related to discontinuation of nicotine intoxication compared to nicotine, and it has much weaker effect on the peripheral nervous system and blood pressure.


Cytisine has structure and mechanism of action similar to those of nicotine and decreases its period of interaction with the specific receptors. Thus, it prevents the appearance of abstinence syndrome. The result is gradual decrease of the typical smokers’ psychic and physical nicotine dependence and subsequent smoking cessation without undesirable effects.

Tabex® has an excellent safety profile: It is very well tolerated and it does not cause anorexia, nausea and vomiting. It does not affect the active drivers’ attention and machine operating.


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